Living In Hostel Is A Hell Or Heaven?


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Students who are habitual of living at homes with their family, parents, brother and sisters really feel difficult to spend their time at hostels. It's quite difficult to adjust yourself with new environment. In hostel there are students from different environment and from different living standard. At least up to 1 month some student face really hard phase to kill their time with their roommates.

But if your roommates are good and friendly your life becomes so easy. If you start understanding them and they start understanding you then it becomes heaven for you. Because if once understanding develops between the people around you, one starts feeling comfortable and relaxes.

But if the people around you start teasing you ,or you are not interested in their activities then the hostel life turns into hell as one has to spend all the time after his school or college routine if his /her roommates or hostel fellows are not cooperative then the situation becomes worst. First techniques to spend your time in hostel in relaxing environment is that never tries to interfere in others matter and also not allow them to interfere in your too. Always try to concentrate on your work.
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It like a heaven because we can meet a lot of people and it can make we to stand by our own.
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Many colleges and a few schools are offering Hostels, nowadays. This means that students who have to come from far-off areas can stay and spend their nighttime in a Hostel. Hostels normally consist of dormitories, for sleeping in and a common room where students can enjoy indoor games, gossip with friends and relax. Some Hostels also have libraries.
Hostel life has many advantages and disadvantages as well.
In Hostels, students learn to live independently. They learn to take care of their selves. There is no-one to tell them off. They learn to follow the right path without any guidance. Hostel life is the end of a life of spoon-feeding. In a Hostel, students can study when and where they want. There is enough time for them to study. In this way, they can contribute as much time as possible to studies.
But like every useful thing, Hostel life has some disadvantages as well. There is a combination of all kinds of students in a Hostel. Not all students are good. Many indulge themselves and take part in numerous harmful activities. They may cause good and bright students to lose interest in studies. Hard working students may be ruined and reduced to nothing. Bad friends can cause irreparable loss of students.
Thus, Hostel life has many charms, but its disadvantages depend upon the way it is utilized.

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