What Is Hostel Life, Could You Describe Its Adventages And Disadventages?


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A hostel is a place where usually travellers and students live and which is supervised by an administration. You can call it as an inn as well. So living in those hostels is called the hostel life.
You want to know about its advantages and disadvantages. In fact, as you know very well that everything has some good points and some negatives in it. The same situation is with the life of a hostel. Especially it has positive points for the students. Now first of all we discuss the positive points.
The advantages of living in hostels are very prominent. A person who is living in a hostel he can study with full concentration. He does not need to perform the necessary house hold tasks daily. He usually does not prepare food for himself. He will also learn to trust on himself because he has to do all of his personal work by himself. And that makes a person confident and courageous.
there are always some disadvantages of hostel life. A person who is living in a hostel he is not close to his family. And at times he would miss his family. If he gets ill, he would really miss his loved ones to be there for him. There is always a feeling of loneliness to the person living in a hostel.
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I am a student of an engineering college in bangalore. I live in an hostel which is inside the coll campus itself and once you step out of the coll all you find is highways and flyovers.... The advantages as everyone else pointed out is the it gives you courage and determination to go ahead in life. Studies will be with full concentration and students living in hostel will have almost 90% + attendance. Comming to the dark side the disadvantages are you feel so home sick that you can't focus on anything else than planning to run away from hostel, anytime your mom or dad calls you your voice chokes due to grief and feel like giving them a hug but wont be possible..for some students living in separate rooms at their homes have problems sharing their rooms in hostel. Getting adjusted to your roomates might be a problem sometimes... And finally if your into partying or nightouts seriously hostel isn't the place for you....   Think and decide.....
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Hostel life is the most pleasurable period of a student's life. The students who do not get a chance to live in a hostel miss a valuable and memorable piece of experience. Hostel life produces in the students a sense of confidence and self-help. Here the student is not under the close check of his parents. He has to set the daily routine of life himself. Hostel life teaches the value of punctuality to the students. Hostel life trains the youth for practical life there is a hostel superintendent but his control is nominal. If the boarders do not violate hostel rules, his presence is not even felt. It gives a special opportunity to the students to study properly. There is no disturbance and one can devote as much time to his studies as one likes.

Hostel life has its disadvantages too. The hostel students, sometimes, misuse their freedom and independence which spoils their promising career. Some begin to love films and fashions. Some waste their money in gambling and drinking. Some hostels are over crowded and do not provide healthy and comfortable living. The crowded rooms do not allow the students to pay proper attention to their studies. Our political parties also misuse the students especially the boarders.
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Hostel life.... I'm yet to adapt to it even though it has been almost a year and a half since I got into college.

Each time I return to my hostel from home, I have to adapt to the life there all over again. It's simply because life at hostel is SOOOOOO..... Much different from life at home.

But it's true when they say hostel life actually trains you to be confident, independent, disciplined, sociable and most importantly.... To appreciate your family and home more.
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Actually hostel life has many advatages and disadvatages, first of all I would tell you the advatages of hostel life, as hostel is just made for the students for their good life advatages are that the student cime to know that how to live in this world and also the good manners  he or she becomes talent full to face the whole problems in his personal life and the disadvantages of hostel life are that the child does not gets the love from parents he or she also lives out of home. Whatever the hostel life is good for a student and for his\her future. (thanks)!
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Inexpensive supervised lodging can be referred as a hostel. Mostly hostels are used by the students, who come from distant places to earn their degrees. There are so many advantages and disadvantages of hostel life. Some times a student feels home sickness there. And in such feelings if a student also has to face study burden then it can lead him to some psychological problems and some other troubles as well. If a student is feeling alone, off course he will be able to concentrate on his studies. While talking about advantages, hostel life give confidence to move alone in society and also gives courage to cope with problems alone.
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Iam doing a paper on stess affecting menstural patten in hostel life . Ur similar works pls.
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I stay at the United States International University (USIU) hostels. Living in the hostel is swelling.

ADVANTAGES: Security, Sanitation, Order

DISADVANTAGES: Selective treatment (long story), Restrictions (e.g. no co-habiting), internal theft (hard to pin culprits).

I'm doing a paper on hostel accommodation, comparing the campus hostel with the surrounding areas. Anybody who has, or knows work already done on the subject, PLEASE

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I am also doing a paper presentation on Hostel accommodation, so can u kindly help me!
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I think hostel create new mind after born he is helpful way for social awareness and social understanding
if case the people go bed way the hostel life is evil
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There are advantages and disadvantages of hostel lives, but the important things to understand is - you can't decide upon that. For example, when I was sent to a hostel, I only had disadvantages in my mind, but now only remember the advantages I got by living in that hostel. Instead of sitting outside and thinking, my advice to you is go and discover hostel life. It is worth of it.

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