What Are The Types Of Co-Operative Society?


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Producer Co-Operative Society:

This society produces goods for the requirement of its members. Surplus production is sold in the open market. Its members do all activities like production, management, selling and marketing. Dividend is distributed among the members according to capital invested by them. Following are the main purposes of this society.

• Elimination of middle man
• To achieve the economies of large scale
• To eliminate mono poly
• To reduce the exploitation of strong industrialists

Consumer Co-Operative Society:

Consumer's co-operative society buyer's goods directly from the producer at wholesale and than sell them to its members on economical prices. This society can sell some of its goods to non-members. Profit is distributed among the members of the basis of their purchases. Retail and wholesale co-operative stores are the examples of this society. Following are the main purposes of this society.

• To eliminate the middle man
• Supply of goods to its members at right time, at right place and at right price.
• To improve the living standard of its members

Marketing Co-Operative society:

In this society production of its members is pooled and then marketed and sold at highest possible prices. Profit is distributed on the base of goods pooled by each member. This co-operative society is a group of small producers to compete with strong producers.
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Agricultural cooperative societies
consumer cooperative societies
Housing cooperative societies
Marketing and supply cooperative societies
financial cooperative societies
Social cooperative societies
Workers cooperative societies
cooperative Banks
cooperative Stores
cooperative farms
cooperative School
cooperative Research centre
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A) Objective basis classification
    1) producers CS
    2) consumers CS
    3) purchasing CS
    4) marketing CS
    5) cooperative credit society
    6) cooperative housing society
    7) cooperative bank
    8) cooperative insurance society
     9) cooperating housing estate
     10) multi purpose CS
b) Types of members liability basis classification
   1)limited CS
    2)unlimited CS
c)Organizational level/Stage basis classification
    1)primary CS
     2) central CS
     3) mixed CS
     4) national CS
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1. Cooperative investment societies
2. Distributive societies
3. Cooperative fishermen's societies
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Types of co operative society and role played by industrial cooperatives and milk producer's societies
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