List Of Objectives Of Cooperative Society?


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Cooperative societies and organizations have a number of main objectives. Such organizations are considered to be jointly controlled by those working at the organization and those receiving services from the organization - so in essence, there are high levels of cooperation between these two parties of people. Cooperative societies originally came about to unite business owners with their staff members. They led to the practice of private companies being 'split' into shares, which were given to employees at various levels of the company. Essentially giving each individual within a firm a small piece of it raised productivity, as people gained the sense that they were very much part of the organization, rather than just somebody working for it. The following points describe some of the main objectives a cooperative society has.

  • Enhanced cooperation
Cooperative societies aim to encourage complete cooperation between everybody involved with an organization. They are generally against the idea of any sort of hierarchy, and consider everyone to be equal. This can improve relationships between staff members and senior management, as well as between service providers and customers.

  • High level of service
Better working relationships naturally lead to higher productivity levels, so a better service is given to customers. This raises customer satisfaction levels, which is the primary aim of many cooperative societies. For instances, student accommodation units may be cooperative societies. Students will be happier with their accommodation and staff members will find their working life much easier.

  • Higher profits
Many cooperative societies are essentially out to make a profit, and believe that enhancing relationships will lead to high profit levels. Of course, this plan may not always work, but in many cases it has proved effective. Some charities have also benefited from operating as a cooperative society, as charity members become more focused on their work, raising more money for the cause in question.

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