Which Is The Richest Borough Of London?


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There are a number of ways to measure the 'wealth' of a borough, and because of this there are two possible answers. The top prize for London's richest borough can be awarded to either Richmond or Kensington & Chelsea, depending on how you look at it.

Kensington & Chelsea: Home to London's rich and famous

The first way to measure the wealth of a borough would be to take the income of all its residents, and then work out an average. According to this method, the London borough of Kensigton & Chelsea tops the list - with an average household income of £101,600.

In fact, according to Daily Mail league table, the borough is actually the richest in the country- with the top three places all being occupied by other London boroughs.

The reason some people might find crowning Kensington & Chelsea as London's richest borough slightly unfair is because the figure of the average income that is being used to represent the borough is severely skewed. Whilst the borough is also home to high-rise tower blocks and areas of relatively modest to low income families (the North Kensington estates, for example), the borough is kicked up the rich list by the number of its mega-rich residents: Including Sir Richard Branson, Sir Elton John, Roman Abramovich and steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal.

Richmond Upon Thames: An affluent London borough

If you were to divide every London borough into its individual wards, and then look at income and other lifestyle factors such as employment, then the aptly-named London borough of Richmond upon Thames would come top.

Every single one of the wards in Richmond would rank in the top 10% for London and, unlike Kensington & Chelsea, none of Richmond's wards fall in the bottom 10%.
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Richmond is the wealthiest borough. Its enormous parks and palatial houses attract the London high-society. People, such as Charles Dickens and Mick Jagger have lived in Richmond of the wealthiest people in London. The heart of Richmond is the river, home to the rich and famous for centuries from Henry VIII to Mick Jagger. Richmond upon Thames boasts many magnificent houses and gardens. The world-renowned Hampton Court Palace and maze, the oldest Tudor palace in England and Kew Gardens, with its three hundred acres containing collections of over 40,000 varieties of plants are a significant part of Richmond. Marble Hill House, the Thames-side villa, built in 1724-29 for Henrietta Howard mistress of King George III, is also one of Richmond's jewels. Twickenham Stadium and Museum, the home of English rugby, is located within the borough, as well theatres and art galleries, specialist shopping, and two excellent repertory cinemas. The finest feature of the borough is Richmond Park, with its herds of red and fallow deer. It is the most magnificent park in the capital, and a bit of the most attractive countryside in Britain.
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Kensington & Chelsea

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