Which Is The Poorest Borough Of London?


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The borough of Newham in East London is the poorest borough in London, and the second most deprived in England.

London Borough of Newham: Poorest in London

The Cripplegate Foundation comissioned a  recent study that ranked the wards of each borough according to income, and Newham was found to have the most wards that appeared in the bottom 10% of that list.

The borough is formed by the two towns of East Ham and West Ham, and is known for its high ethnic diversity - which statistics shows is divided accordingly:

32.6% White British

1.1% White Irish

5.4% Other White

1.2% White & Black Caribbean

0.8% White & Black African

0.8% White & Asian

0.9% Other Mixed

12.1% Indian

8.7% Pakistani

9.0% Bangladeshi

12.7% Other Asian

6.7% Black Caribbean

12.7% Black African

1.1% Other Black

1.4% Chinese

2.4% Other

Newham and the Olympic Games

Interestingly, Newham is one of the six 'host boroughs' for the London Olympics of 2012, and it's hoped that development of the area and Olympic tourism will bring a much-needed injection of jobs and a boost against poverty.

The decision to host the Olympic Games in boroughs like Newham was in part down to the availability of land that lent itself to being developed - but a major part of the Olympic bid focused on the positive effects that hosting the games would entail, and what that would mean for the borough.

Apart from the boost the local economy will receive from tourism, jobs in everything from hospitality and transport through to construction have been directly linked to the hosting of the games.

Also, Newham will be a focal part for the 'Legacy Project' that looks at how Olympic stadiums, arenas and sports parks will be developed to best serve the local community following the games.

Until recently, it was thought that Newham's local football team, West Ham, would use the Olympic Stadium as their home ground following the games, but that proposal has been subject to some legal wrangling that leaves the mammoth stadium's future purpose uncertain.
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Southwark formed in 1963 from the amalgamation of the old metropolitan boroughs of Southwark, Bermondsey and Camberwell. The new authority quickly attained the status of London's poorest borough, even though it contained the high status area of Dulwich. The "poorest borough" label is only recently becoming inappropriate, due to the massive redevelopments along the banks of the Thames and within the old London Docks. Interesting landmarks of Southwark are the Southwark Cathedral, the Tate Modern gallery, the reconstructed Globe theatre, the London Dungeon, London Bridge City, the Design Museum and the Tower Bridge visitor centre. The Thames-side region, known commonly as Bankside, has been developed since Roman times and contains many places of historical significance. It was London's "playground" for many centuries, being an area of inns, gambling dens and brothels in its early history but later a setting for gardens and theatres. Shakespeare's plays had their debut performances here.
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