Which City Is The Poorest City In The UK?


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It can change every few years, with new Census data or new map numbers.  It also depends how the data are analysed -- at the level of enumeration district?  Census ward?  Constituency?  Whole city?  And using what indicators -- there is no income question in the national Census and proxy data are not perfect substitutes.  Also, should we really be concerned with income, or with other deprivation indicators?

Anyway, in 2004 it was calculated as Glasgow, on the basis that the highest UK percentage (41%) of households there were living in poverty -- as defined by Sheffield University (read more).

Tower Hamlets is the most deprived London borough.  

Read 2002 rankings of poverty at constituency level (Glasgow again came out worse of UK cities).

Parts of most cities have major poverty problems, though.  In no particular order, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, London...
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thank you! its very surprised that glasgow has 41% of household living in poverty! governmetn should do something!

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