What Are The Most Poorest Cities In Cuba?


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Cuba, itself, is classed as quite a poor country and so as expected the majority of its cities are also poor.

However, it becomes quite difficult to judge how poor a city is due to the fact there is always a mixture of people living and working in a city. Cities attract the super rich as they are where it is 'going on' and where they can spend a lot of their wealth. Although you will also find that the cities around where most slums will be located.

But in general it is fair to say that the following Cuban cities are most probably seen as the poorest overall:

· Matanzas
· Holguin
· Guantanamo
· Camaguey
· Pinar del Rio

Poverty is a big problem in Cuba. It has lead to spiraling crime rates as people turn to other means to get money. They often also suffer from addictions as they look for some kind of escape to their daily struggle in life. It is of course not an exclusive problem to Cuba, but it is certainly a concern for many potential tourists that decide against visiting as they don't believe they will be safe.

You can find plenty more information on Cuba and its history at the following website:


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