Can Anyone Tell Me About W.H.O, UNICEF, UNESCO And I.M.F.?


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WHO stands for World Health Organization and was established in America back in 7 April, 1948 and 7th April is celebrated now as the World Health Day. The organization has its base in Geneva Switzerland. The mission of this organization is to provide leadership on worldwide health issues, set up models and standards for health to all the disadvantaged and susceptible members of the society. The organization ensures that all people are free from diseases and getting the basic rights of Health.

UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) was come into being on December 11, 1946. It's now known United Nations Children's Fund. UNICEF works on five basic issues of children which include their Education, Safety of Children and growth, Training of children in their early age, mistreatment and Abuse, guard the Children from abuse, HIV/AIDS, provide advocacy in policy making and affiliations with other organization for children's rights.

UNESCO had come into existence in United States in the year 1945. The organization is now based in Paris and has number of offices and institutes all around the world. The organization works to serve for harmony, safety, and defence and promotes for international cooperation and collaboration through culture, science and education.

IMF (International Monetary Fund) has its Headquarter in Washington USA and was established on December 27, 1945. One hundred eighty five countries are the signatory of this organization. The organization works for the financial system of the world and monitors the exchange rates, facilitate trade, encourage high employment, sustainability of the economics and working to cut back the poverty.
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W.H.O. stands for World Health Organization it was established in 1948, it performs the function of fighting against sickness. It provides equipment and financial aid to different countries for studies and research in different fields. If an epidemic spreads anywhere, it extends help to control it. It also gives aid for the training of nurses and doctors of developing countries.

UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund). It has been working since 1946. Its function is to plan for health, nutrition and education of children's well as to establish maternity centers.

UNESCO (united nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). It was established n 1946, it has been busy in promoting education, science and culture in the world. it offers financial aid to provide equipment and for the establishment of educational institutes as well as training centers in the developing countries. Keeping in view the economic, financial and social requirements of these countries it advises the to promote science and education. It also arranges exchange of education experts between one country to another.

I.M.F. (international monetary fund) it was established in 1944, it helps in stabilizing the exchange rate. It offers its expert advice to the countries involved in financial difficulties. It also renders the service of converting a country's money into that of another.
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UNESCO is the part of united nation organization and created in order to solve world problems related to their health , poverty and education theory provide facilities through out the world.

UNICEF-(United Nations Children Emergency Funds) is also works under United Nations. It was established in December 11, 1945, it works on children and women problems related to poverty health education by collecting funds from all over world. its main priority is in poor areas of third world countries. Which mainly focus on poverty elimination, education, and health and children protections.

I.M.F-(Investment Monetary Funds)-it is an international organization which provides technical financial assistance by observing exchange rates and balance of payments through out the world. It was originated in 1930 and declared in 1945 its main headquarter is suited in Washington DC.Its application is based on 185 countries. Its main function is to provide financial stability, international trade sustain economic growth, high employment, and reduce poverty.

W.H.O-(World Health Organization)- it we formed in 1948 like unesco, unicef it is also the part of UNO which provides leadership on global health, their policies, research, technical supports and monitor their work through the world. It carried out its work with the support of UNO and many national agencies all over the world. Its main agenda involves, promote development in health sector, provide health security issues, strengthened health system, provide foundations for research work. It celebrate global health day on 7 April.
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In the inter war years, all the countries of the world were forced off the gold standard. It was a period of fluctuating exchange rates, blocked accounts, high tariffs, competitive exchange depreciation and quota system, etc. The world specialization and productivity was continuously declining. When the Second World War was still going on, Great Britain and the North America were giving serious thought to the problem of post war international exchange.    The object was to increase international trading by promoting international monetary co-operation. In order to achieve this objective, the return to the gold standard was considered difficult because that system proved too rigid. It made each country a slave rather than a master of its economics destiny. The return to free exchange rates, the other extreme, and easy also not agreed upon, because it increases the risk in international trading and thus reduces total volume of trade.    The desire was to secure the advantages of both the systems like gold standard and free exchange rates without their advantages. In 1943 U.K. And U.S.A submitted two plans foresting international trade through stable exchange rates. In July, 1944, the United Nations Monetary and financial conference was held at Breton wood to discuss the two currency plans known as the Keynes plan and the white plan put forward by the economist experts.
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W.H.O, UNICEF, UNESCO and I.M.F are the agencies of United Nations.
UN operations, apart from political decisions. All members contribute to its upkeep. Its headquarters staff of about 4,730 specialists is recruited from member nations on basis of as wide geographical distribution as possible. June 26 by 50 nations and by Poland one of the original, 51 members of the United Nations, on Oct, 15 1945.

W.H.O: -
Stands for World Health Organization, coordinates Programmes aimed at solving health problems and the attainment people of the highest possible level health for all the people of the world.

Stand for United Nations International Children Education Foundation, and works with its partner. It base for children Education foundation.

UNESCO promotes education for all, cultural development, protection of the world's natural and cultural heritage, press freedom, and communication.

I.M.F: -
Stands for International Civil Monetary Fund. Facilities international monetary cooperation and financial stability, and provides a permanent place for consultation, advisory services and assistance on financial issues.

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