What Are The Main Functions Of W.H.O, UNICEF And UNESCO?


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-It links developing and develpoed countries in matters of health.
-It funds health projects in developing countries.
-It makes health policies which are to be adopted by countries.
-It regulates the provision of health services.
-It is involved in disease surveillance and monitoring.
-It is involved in health education and promotion.
-It works with governments of countries to promote health activities.
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World Health organization (WHO) is one of the agencies of the united nations which function as a coordinating authority on international public health. Major objective of WHO is to fight against disease especially infectious diseases for better general health of the people of world.

United Nations Children' s Fund (UNICEF) is also one of the agencies of UN. Their objective is to provide healthcare and food for the children of those countries which were affected badly in World War II. Currently, UNICEF is working on Child protection from violence, AIDS and children, Child abuse and exploitation, Child survival and development, and children' s Basic education and gender equality.

United nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) is one of the agencies of UN which work for peace and security by promoting international collaboration through culture, science and education to increase respect for justice, law, fundamental freedom and human rights.
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By health education and promotion.
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function of ministry of health

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