What Are The Objectives Of Unicef?


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UNICEF is a huge international organization which carries out charitable work in many different areas. If we summarize the work UNICEF is doing, then we find out that it is working for people's welfare. Here are some objectives of UNICEF to help the needy people.

  • UNICEF is mainly focused on the growth and welfare of children and youth, as this organization knows that, these people are going to be the architect of the future.
  • It is engaged in many programs to provide the right nutrition to malnourished children in many backward countries of the world.
  • It discourages child labor vehemently, and consistently. UNICEF focuses on giving every child an education. It is also taking all those necessary steps to ensure that every child could get the basic education for free.
  • It is also fighting against gender inequality. UNICEF is arranging different programs in different parts of the world to teach parents to see both boys and girls with the same importance.
  • UNICEF is undertaking different programs to reduce the child mortality rate by giving them proper treatment.
  • UNICEF is also fighting against child abuse, violence and exploitation.
  • UNICEF is also fighting against endemic diseases such as malaria. It has a noble aim to eradicate many endemic diseases from world.
  • It is also taking many steps to administer proper immunization, especially to children. This organization is distributing free vaccines in many areas, where people can't afford to buy vaccines.
  • There are many countries in the world, where people are not getting water to drink. In those areas, UNICEF takes many expensive measures to provide water to the people.
There are many other programs also under the banner of UNICEF.

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