What Was Cabinet Mission Plan And How Did The Congress And The League Reacts To It?


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The Cabinet Mission consisting of three British Cabinet members had come to India to seek an alliance between the Congress and the League so that the progress towards the framing of the further Constitution of India might be made possible. Its individual talks with Maulana Abu-al-Kalam Azad and Jinnah and then three-party Conference i.e. The negotiations among the Mission, the Congress and the League proved a complete failure.    After the failure of this Conference the Cabinet Mission had no alternative but to putting forward its own proposals which they considered the best solution to Hindu-Muslim problem and the possible arrangements by which the main political parties could decide the lines on which the future constitution of India should be based. These proposals which came to be known as Cabinet Mission Plan were published on 16th May, 1946.    The Cabinet Mission said, in the preface of the Plan that the Mission had examined very closely and impartially the point of view of the Muslim League and the various possible aspects of the League demand for the partition of India. The Mission claimed, "We were greatly impressed by the very genuine and acute anxiety of the Muslims lest they should find themselves subjected to a perpetual Hindu-majority rule.    Notwithstanding, to the Mission the Plan of Pakistan was not practicable because they (the Cabinet members) saw no justification that the non-Muslim territories of Punjab and Bengal Provinces should be included in Pakistan. Such a division would not solve the Communal problem because it would leave a large non-Muslim minority in Pakistan and a large non-Hindu minority in Hindustan. If non-Muslim territories were cut off from Pakistan then Pakistan would be too small and weak to remain independent. This would please neither the Muslims who wanted a practicable state nor the Hindus who were opposed to the division of Punjab and Bengal.

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