How Long Did The Empire Of Mali Last?


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The Empire of Ghana was conquered by the Muslims, who established the Empire of Mali. The Empire of Mali, which lasted for about two centuries from 1200 to 1400 A.D. was ruled by a powerful and phenomenal leader named Mansa Musa. Under his leadership, the area of Mali expanded as Mansa Musa conquered many lands with his strong army.

Not only that but he also managed to capture various salt mines that contributed towards making Mali an even richer empire. The conversion of Mansa Musa to Islam and his instrumental impact on his subjects soon enabled Islam to spread in West Africa, making it one of the most important religions of West Africa.

In the educational dimension, the Mali Empire thrived too while a university was built where subjects like law, history and Islam were studied. However after the death of their great leader Mansa Musa, Mali began to lose its once-established glory.

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