What Was The Difference In African Slavery And European Slavery?


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Slavery in Africa and slavery in Europe had a huge ton of differences between them. Slavery was allowed in Africa during those times but because of the huge influence of Islam, slaves were always treated like members of the family while cruel treatment with slaves was always refrained from.

Moreover slaves could also work to earn their freedom and become free through hard work. There was no restriction on marriages between slaves and the members of their masters' families. Not only that but slaves could also hold important positions in the government and become leaders of their tribes if they were eligible enough by leadership standards.

On the other hand, European slavery was of a much harsher and odious nature. Slaves were always given an inferior degree of treatment than the family members of their masters. Moreover it only depended on the master's goodness if the slaves would ever be freed from their servitude. The marriage between slaves and masters was a forbidden norm, even the mention of which was considered unacceptable. Slaves were always bound to be slaves for generations in European slavery while in African slavery, the children of slaves were not classified as slaves.

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