Moral responsibilities african government help coca beans slavery farmers?


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The wording of this question isn't very straightforward, so it can only be assumed that you are wondering about the measures that are currently in place by the African government to make sure that African people are not being treated badly in their work environment and that they get better pay than they used to.

There are things that have been implemented, like the fair-trade food that we can buy from our local supermarkets which has been taken from farms who are in need, in order to ensure that they're getting the pay that they deserve for the work they do and the crops they grow. Some examples of foods that you can buy that are Fair Trade are:

• Coffees such as roast, ground, espresso and decaf can be bought under the Fair Trade brand.
• Cotton products such as clothing, health items and homeware can be bought under the brand.
• Tea, like coffee, can also be bought under the brand. Black tea, green tea and even rooibos tea can be bought.
• Flowers are a surprising addition to the list but all kinds of flowers like roses and carnations can be bought under Fair Trade.

The scheme, along with other different projects that have been created to help people in countries that are less fortunate than ours, is helping people build up lives for themselves properly without being subjected to awful pay and horrendous conditions. If we keep ploughing money into these causes, we can continue to help more and more African citizens make a living without putting themselves through any danger. If you want to get involved with collecting money for groups like these, you can run fundraisers such as sponsored tasks like silences or runs, or you can do crazy things like shaving all your hair off, which is always a good one!

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