What Was The Significance Of The XYZ Affair In The United States History?


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The U.S Navy was created in response to it.  Also it resulted in the Quasa War, although there was no official declaration of war.
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It was during the presidential term of John Adams that the United States faced another crucial issue in its foreign policy affairs. Three Frenchmen secretly visited and met with members of the United States. As it was a known fact that France had continued its practice of seizing America's ships, those three Frenchmen gave the United States an offer or more precisely a deal – the deal stated that if the United States paid France a sum of ten million dollars, then the French would stop seizing the ships that belonged to the United States.

This very offer ignited a wave of choler and venom in the hearts of the Americans who did not want to compromise on this deal at all, stating that the integrity of the United States and its people was so that they would spend millions of dollars on war but would not spend even a penny on granting undue favors. Finally John Adams managed to make an agreement with the French leader Napolean Bonaparte that made France stop seizing American ships without paying money. This economic-political affair is known as XYZ affair.

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