Where Did African Americans Originate From And How Did They Get To The United States?


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Look blacks were the first people on this planet earth. They  were very very advanced back in our kemetic days(what you call egyptian.) Egypt is what the romans called ancient Kemet. They like to change the name of other peoples culture. They were here long before the white man ever existed on this planet. The planet was in harmony before that time. They came here after being taken from there homes violently. This was called the black holocust and genocide. Some will disagree but there logic is flawed beacuase that is the proper name for what happened and Those black people were treated the worst ever in History. Hey were takin against there will and forced to abondon there culture( language customs, everything) and basically serve what they should consider the devil from a black point of view not a white one(who would never agree and its obvious why.)
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The original people were brought to the America's by slave traders.
The people, for the most part, originated on the continent of Africa.
These people were captured or traded for from tribal chiefs, enslaved, and placed on ships. They were then shipped to America and other slave holding countries, to be sold as property to the highest bidder. Some were used as field workers some as household servents and others used in many other jobs.
I suggest that you read up on Black history if you don't know these facts.
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They originated from Africa and taken in slave ships to America where they were sold to wealthy white people.
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1) African American is generally the term for anyone of African descent that is now living in America, whether they have been here for several generations or a newly arrived immigrant from Africa. 
2) A good portion of African Americans who have been living in the US for generations are in the US due to the slave trade, when they were captured in Africa and then brought to the US and sold to wealthy white people. 
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There were several "black" slave owners as well.
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Your statement is absolutely misinforming and misleading...

We are finding out now via archaeology that the first 9 dynasties of Egypt were in fact ruled by Red Haired and bearded White Caucasoid Males...

There have also been huge mass grave sites unearthed in Egypt where skeletons of a Caucasoid people were at the very bottom of these grave sites, meaning only one thing, that they were the first to be buried there, have you ever heard of the saying who is first is last, and he who is last is first?

It bodes truthful for burial sites....
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There is no solid proof to date, that can irrefutably state one way or the other, that Black Skinned People or Africa were the Cradle of Civilization, that is an absolute myth that cannot be backed up!

DNA and Mitochondrial evidence is fairly new with far to many variables to prove with 100% accuracy that the first of mankind were blacked skinned...

I do however believe we may have come out of what is now Africa~ but, we cannot say for certainty that our ancestors were black....

We often mistake the immigration of people with the mass migration of groups, there is a HUGE difference therebetween the two.

Also, have you not heard of Displacement Migration?
Chain Migration?
Impelled Migration?
Seasonal Migration?

Also, there are the accounts of biblical teachings which argue against such unproven scientific theories and findings.... The primary criterion and standard of evaluation of scientific theory is evidence, not proof. The most common misconceptions concerns the so-called “scientific proofs.”

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a scientific proof. Proofs exist only in mathematics and logic, not in science.

And to date, there are no such proofs that the Cradle of Civilization came out of Africa, but growing evidence is now showing that its possible, that it came out from the West and East of Africa instead...
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It‘s nearly five centuries back , through ships many people from  population movement helped create the African Diaspora in the New World.Most originated from the coast or the interior of Missipissi Delta region. For further assistance please visit this link
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Egyptians are Egyptians which are different from Africans, as far as white people on the planet goes they're mentioned as being in the area of Lebanon & Canaan, (people from that region were described as white skinned with blue eyes & fair hair) also known as Amorites or the Mori, & blacks were not the 1st people on earth Semetic tribes were, & Semitic tribes also were not of Arabian descent!

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