What Is The Importance Of Gifts In Our Social Life?


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Gifts occupy an important place in our social life. They build our relations with other people. We exchange gifts with other people on different festivals, events etc. Gifts speak our love for one other. There are gifts which are gifts which are given merely out of material considerations. A subordinate may give a gift to his officers in order win his favour. Gifts are given as a form of bribery. Such gifts are not liked by anybody in the society. Our religion attaches great importance to the exchange of gifts. But the gifts given as bribery do not increase love. They are the expression of our selfish nature. They are given to derive some material benefit. Real gifts are the expression of our inner goodness and sincerity.

The selection of gift is an art. Our gifts must represent two things. First, they must fulfill the needs of our friends and relatives. Second they must be creation of our selves. They must be the part of our own nature. Different creative gifts become a part of the memory of the person who receives.

Gifts are token of live, trust and good will. They play an important part in making us love one another. The given of a gifts bring to surface all good qualities which we posses. They make us humble and help us in shedding off our pride and vanity.
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According to me the importance of gifts cannot be expressed in words. They are a mixture of love,peace and happiness.Gifts are an important aspect of our life because they are given to us by our friends,relatives,parents,well-wishers etc. They are very precious. They are very valuable and provide happiness.

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I believe it is an expression of love and caring. Showing another person how much you love or care for them can be done through words and actions, including gift giving. Especially when the other person's love language consists of receiving gifts, they thrive on it.

But I also think the gift you give should always have a personal connection as well. I love to sit and think about the person, what they like and like to do, and find a gift that has been chosen JUST FOR THEM, something personal. It isn't always just enough to say to someone "I love you" or tell them you care for them, sometimes giving them a gift can speak volumes.

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Gift are
very essential particularly if you’re giving from hearts. When you gives gifts,
it make you feel good. The happiness that you feel is beyond words. When you
see your gift's recipient unpack the gift that you give, it is such a site to see.

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Gifting has been practiced since long. Not just personally but professionally too. It is a way to express your gratitude, love, and affection towards the receiver. This formula has worked in corporate fields by improving the bond with the clients. A lot of money and effort is invested in gifting especially the corporate one. On special occasions, companies give gifts to their esteemed clients and valuable employees.

Gifting clients help in strengthen the bond whereas for an employee it is a token of appreciation & motivation. Corporate hire special people and experts for this purpose. But is it just to show off or there is some other motive behind this idea? It has been observed that a huge number of businesses have been affected by this practice. It is not just followed by big brands but moreover, mid scale and small scale companies have also started adopting this idea. It has benefitted many organizations and business by improving their brand recognition and getting them more business.

How do the gifting effects an organization?

Corporate Gifting has affected the business of various enterprises form last few years. It has turned fruitful for many corporations. Let us check the reasons why this method is trending so much nowadays.

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