The Christmas Presents-Why Do We Exchange Gifts At Christmas And How Do You Feel About This Tradition?


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Christmas is a festival celebrated by Christians all over the world.In this occasion, we have the custom of giving and receiving presents to each other. The reason of presenting gifts is that it reminds us of the presents that were given to Jesus by the wise men: Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh.

  • Frankincense was a perfume used in Jewish worship and, when gifted it shows that people would worship Jesus.
  • Gold was related with Kings and Christians believe that Jesus is the King of Kings.

  • Myrrh was also a perfume that was put on dead bodies to make them smell nice and, when presented, it showed that Jesus would suffer and die.

Personalised Christmas cards can also be presented to one another.
Christmas itself is really about a big gift to us that God gave the world about 2000 years ago – JESUS! The tradition of giving gifts on the eve of Christmas is a very ancient tradition.

Today, we all give gifts at Christmas to each other for our own reasons. For many it is a way to celebrate the Christian holy day. Others give because it is a special time to let family and friends know that you care by giving gifts.

I really feel awesome about this occasion and always wait to celebrate
this day. Frame My Name in UK gives us a variety of personalised Christmas cards to  present our dear ones. These cards come in different colors and designs.

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Gifts are fun for kids and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's great to see them enjoying their presents. But gifts for adults? That's wonderful for retailers. (If my user name wasn't Didge it would probably be Scrooge.)

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It has always been a pagan celebration because it is the birth of the Sun, the days become longer at this time of year. In Rome it would of been Mirtha Sol Invictus, who Constantine worshipped. Since then we still continue to have the same pagan celebrations during the important points of the "Wheel of The Year."  This is because people rely on the Sun to for their crops and for shepherding animals out in the fields. To sow and reap the harvest, which is why Rome had Saturn (Chronos in Greece) as it's veiled deity which carried a Scythe. Old Father Time who has been given many names throughout the years.  This time of years has always been about festivities, getting together and being merry. Jesus was not born on the 25th December. He was not given gifts because it was his birthday but because he was a King. Today's celebrations are unfortunately more about consumerism than anything else. I don't mind it, I like the twinkly lights, but less and less people appear to be happy and instead more and more stressed, as they run themselves ragged buying gifts and stocking up on food as if there is going to be a famine. This is all for one day of the year and then everything goes in the January Sale for half prize. Personally I like the time off, but everything else I find a bit nuts.

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Not sure if your first paragraph regarding grammar was necessary, it say's more about you than anything else I am sure. The ex-catholic nun points out very well that the Catholic church doctrine is in stark contrast to scripture, so is relevant in this topic, i.e. the paganism of the Church on which we both agree. However, where we disagree is when you say God reclaimed pagan tradition for himself. This makes no sense, that is like saying I claim the Queens birthday as my own, or my enemies birthday as my own, rather than just celebrating my own birthday. Also "no where" in the bible does Jesus say to celebrate his birthday or his crucifixion and resurrection. It doesn't say to celebrate Valentines day, Halloween, or New Years. Proverbs 30:6 Hence there is no point in pondering Catholic tradition, if it is not of scripture or of Jesus.
The statue, as I have said is of Truth holding the Sun, not the son, there are plenty of statues, rituals, and dress in the Catholic church which are of pagan worship as the link I've provided shows. This is because when the Church was set up, there was plenty of in-fighting between sects in Rome, therefore they decided to create a universal religion encompassing all different aspects of worship to an array of different gods.
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The fish Mitre which the pope wears is the same as the Dagon Priests, their high priest also wore a fish ring which they use to kiss. The Pope no longer wears the ring because we are coming out of Pisces and into Aquarius. Dagon was the god of the Philistines, he was the father of Ba'al. 1 Sam 5.
Luke 22:10 tells of Aquarius, a man with a pitcher of water, well men never carried the water it was always women. Hence something will happen, whether a new religion based on the old or something, but we are coming to the end of the age. Era mistranslated as the end of the world in the bible. Aries was the Ram (the ram found in the thicket in replace of Isaac, and Jesus is the lamb), before that it was Taurus the bull.
The swastika is another representation of the Wheel of Life, or the wheel of the year, celebrated in Paganism. The knowledge of the zodiac is very old and the wheel was often found on temple floors.
Bringing the natural life into the church is the same as bringing paganism into the bible. The horned god and goddess is worshipped by those of nature. Unless you believe that they are part and parcel of the same thing, then you have to, like Catholicism, accept all pagan worship as correct which the bible does not. Ironically, church comes from the word Circe, and Circe was a goddess who controlled men's minds, circle and circus also stems from this word and we are back to the wheel of the zodiac, or the wheel of life.
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As for the love of money well as the link shows the Church, especially the Catholic Church is worth billions of pounds, so what is it doing with all that money? See I've been to St Peters and I've seen the beggars and those sleeping on the streets outside it. A small bottle of water in St Peter's square is £5, extortionate money. So why isn't the money helping those people who need it?
The Church is full of opulence and grandeur, this is in stark contrast to Jesus' teachings Matt 19:21 1 Tim 6:10.
The Church has a violent history of killing those who would not convert, owning slaves, and at one point claiming dominion over everyone and all lands, in stark contrast to Jesus instructing his disciple to put away his sword.
The Church could sell the pagan statues and images to the museums and give the money to the poor, but it does not.
The Church has been plagued with allegations of child abuse, and yet it has not held those accountable to the same Law as everyone else. If a man abused anybody's else's child they would expect justice, in Law that is imprisonment and their name on the sex offenders register. However, the Church has left those offenders protected within the church.

I look at the Churches and I see they are not representing Jesus Christ, it is that simple and uncomplicated, it doesn't require years of studying, just simplicity.
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We exchange gifts because it makes people happy and we feel better somehow when we give presents than to receive.
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Christmas is a day which has a long and old history. It is the day of celebration of Christ's birth and is a happy event for every Christian. We exchange gift because the day is meant for rebonding families and friends and gifts is an easy way of doing it. You gift shows the other person that you are happy and you care about him/her. I feel great about this tradition and it reminds me that there are so many people out there who love me and care for me.
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I love christmas its not just a holiday to exchange gifts but its also a time to be with your family and friends. And being a christian its important to celebrate the day jesus was born (even though its not proven he was born on 12/25) Anyway this holiday is a time to show others that you care about them by exchanging gifts and in reality it kind of makes you feel better to give than to receive.
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Christmas is known to be the day of Jesus Christ birth. People have developed many traditions with time that doesn't have any meaning or relation to this day. However, there is no problem in exchanging gifts as it makes children very happy specially. But we must remember that there are lot of deprived people in our society who can't afford such gifts. We should also send them the gifts and give them the chance to enjoy the life.

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