What are some good cheap Christmas gifts?


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Himali Patel answered

There are so many Christmas gifts available in the market at a very cheap rate. You can choose any one of them. flowers, chocolates, balloons and gift basket are available at a very affordable price. So you can buy such things as a Christmas gift.

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annabeth sald answered
Well it depends who its for
boys: Chocolate, phone case, football, basketball, baseball bat

girls: Dry shampoo ( only around $1), make up, you could make them some bath salts or bath bombs, phone sock etc

there is absoloutley nothing wrong with making a gift basket: Go to your dollar store and pick up a basket and a few fillers eg- soft toys, picture frames, bath salts, soap, chocolate,microwave teddys, a notepad, some stationary, a gift card etc
make it unique or you could even make it unique. Thrift stores are a good place too.
Hope I helped
merry christmas!!!!
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max atwood answered
Rubics cube

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