What Is A Good Game For Adults To Play At A Christmas Party?


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What you play is a game called white elephant or naughty santa.before the party everyone buys one good gift and one bad/funny one. What you do is everyone picks a number out of a hat. Then the #1 person randomly picks a gift. They quietly peek at it, if they want it they keep it ir they can choose another from the pile, but you can only trade once. Then the second person goes, but if they pick and they think the other person got a better gift they can swap gifts. It is a great game.-Trey
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Charades is always good for a laugh. Miming out your favourite film, or song etc. No props and no expense. Karaoke is fun especially when your opposite team gets to pick your songs which you all sing . No scoring necessary, just good fun. Each team member gets to select a new song in turn and no duplications.
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How about Racko Card game?  This is what I got my mom for Christmas because she said she had a BLAST at this card party she went to and this particular game that she now loves is called Racko.  Mind you, I haven't played it yet but from what I read about it, it sounds like fun!!!

If not that, if you have the Wii there's always GUITAR HERO!!!
Trip to Jerusalem and apple eating contest by pairs but with them in blindfolds.
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Well a good game would be to hide little gifts and have your friends try to find them. Spin the bottle is another.
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