How Do You Play The Traditional Christmas Game Of "Flour Pudding"?


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Children love this game, and adults tend to enjoy it too. Its best with a lot of people – at least 6. First, you need a Pyrex basin, perfectly dry inside. Then you need a bag of flour – get a kilo even if you're only using a small basin, because you can get spillages. (Cheapest flour only, by the way!) Fill the basin with flour, pressing it down REALLY hard and smoothing off the surface. Then put a flat board over the top, turn the basin upside down and carefully turn the mound of flour out onto the board (you may need to tap the bottom gently with a knife. If there are any cracks or the "pudding" is unstable, put it back in the basin and start again.

Put the pudding, on its board, on the floor (some newspapers are a good idea.) In the top centre, put a ring. Then take it in turns to cut a slice from the pudding, using a sharp knife. This can go on for some time – the objective is not to let the ring fall down from the top. Of course, eventually it will fall when the pudding collapses. The person who made the ring fall has to pick it up in their teeth.

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