Need To Write A Ten Minute Christmas Play For Children Aged 9, Can You Help?


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Why not of grandpa and grandma sitting next to a tree...on Christmas eve but instead of reading about good ole Santa clause they are tell their Mary traveled on a donkey led by Joseph through the dessert(trying to get to safety)to a manger and had baby Jesus there..then the spirit of god lit up the north star and led the three kings there with their gifts for our redeemer...then end with grandpa and grandma telling the kids that we are blessed with many riches are self...spiritually from god and the riches ones Gods love!
 the kids could do the stage decoration...painting a fire place and Christmas tree...grandpa and grandma with gray wigs,glasses, a rocker and the kids sitting there at their feet asking questions about the travel through the desert at night and did baby jesus cry etc.simple line for 9yr. Olds
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Awww so sweet that is you are really nice thinking about that it will help the kids learn........good
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I think kids 9 years old would rather have a play that is about Santa and his reindeer and how Santa did something that Christmas eve that would be better for kids that are only 9 years old

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