Is death necessary?


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If we never died then we would not have much motivation to do anything good.
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I find it necessary to recognize that death is the consequence or sentence for disobedience to Our Heavenly Creator. Death was never His purpose for human beings. In the Bible, death is called an enemy. It causes so much pain and agony. No matter how many times we lose someone in death, it is always followed by tears and sorrow. The only person who suffered death out of necessity was Jesus Christ. He had to buy back the life that Adam lost. This makes it possible to for humans to gain Everlasting life and to come into a warm, close relationship with God. John 3:16, John 17:3 Romans 5:12 and Revelation 21:3,4. For further Bible-based answers go to WWW.JW.ORG. I hope that answer helped shine some light on death.
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Very much so.
If nothing died, the space for someone else to live would be drastically cut down.
Imagine if everything that ever lived was still alive...... It would be a complete mess.
Death is part of life, yin/yang so to speak.
Heck fertilizer is decomposing life, and it is able to kick start the development of life in plants.
So that's like a transference of energy, life energy maybe?
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Musaddiq Akhtar
Very intelligent, your premise that it is a transference of energy echos with the Islamic take on life after death!
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Death is a portal to new life!
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U BETER NOT be thinking about killin urself or i will kill myself an then jake will kill himself and that wood NOT be good:(
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Yes it seems that it is necessary because from the moment that we are born we start to die. Like others have said the world would be overrun but I always remember reading about the amoeba who, is a sense, never dies because there is no body . It is simply a  one cell creature that splits and forms two just like itself. But the vast majority of organisms are not like that .They are much more complex.
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Death comes to most plants and trees eventually, except evergreens, which keep on going all year round even though some bits drop off.
In human beings, death comes to those who abuse their bodies and minds.
The Scriptures urge purity of mind, body and heart.
Those who abide by His laws, Jesus says, will never see death or corruption. --AMEN.
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I don't know about being neccessary, but it is certainly inevitable .
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Well, people are miserable here on Earth, and if you get saved by Jesus, God gave the option of Heaven for us to have eternal life.
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I think it's a part of life that completes the cycle. BTW imagine if no one died and we keep on reproducing boosting the population, how would earth accommodate everyone?

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