What Is Death?


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There are two kinds of death.
1.) spiritual death which is separation from God our creator
2.) physical death which is when our physical bodies die and our soul goes to its eternal destination, either heaven to worship God for all eternity, or hell so we don't have to be bothered with God and all His goodness.
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Death is a state of inactivity -- like a deep sleep.  There is no soul that lives on somewhere else that suffers or feels anything - when Adam was created, the Bible says he became a "living soul".  So when he died, his complete person/soul died. According to the Bible,  there will be a resurrection from the dead in the future -- which is a coming back to life - ON EARTH!  (since God created humans, surely He can bring them back to life!!)
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DEATH is the ultimate state WHEN A VITAL ORGAN IN THE BODY FAILS AND WHEN THERE IS NO OTHER ORGAN FOR THE SAME FUNCTION PERFORMED BY THE ORGAN THAT HAS FAILED. For example take the viruses entering our body. Most of them attack a particular type of cell. They destroy these cells which make up tissues & later organs. Now there is no other organ to perform this same function. Leukaemia or blood cancer viruses attack blood cells & when the final of blood cells have been infected, there is no other organ to carry O2 to body parts. SO,death happens.
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Taking a big crap after eating chili
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Existence to non existence.

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The end of life ,the destoyer of sanity and many other things that make life worth living,the destruction of something,the passing of something inanimate,christian death,death of old habits etc...

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