How And When Did Shivaji Die?


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Shivaji died on April 3, 1680. He was 50 years of age during his time of death. He died at Raigad due to high fever for three weeks. His son Sambhaji took over the title of the Emperor of the Maratha Empire. Shivaji was a freedom fighter. He was a mastermind when it came to military strategy. He had constructed over 300 forts as a part of a strategy along the western part of India. Shivaji was a very religious person and also did a lot for the Islam community. Even till this date, his freedom struggle remembered by everyone in India.
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Shivaji died on 4 April 1680, due to ill-health. He breathed his last at Raigad. He succumbed to fever which affected his health for three weeks. He was 53 at the time of his death. The poet Bhushan who lived during the times of Shivaji penned these lines at the time of his death: "Kasihki Kala Gayee, Mathura Masid Bhaee; Gar Shivaji Na Hoto, To Sunati Hot Sabaki!"(Kashi has lost its splendour, Mathura has become a mosque; If Shivaji had not been, all would have been converted.)

Taking advantage of his untimely death, Aurangzeb the Mughal Emperor and his armies grouped together to attach the Maratha empire built by Shivaji. However the plans of the Mughal king were foiled thanks to the impressive might of staunch Shivaji followers like Peshwa Baji Rao.
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It is said that he died due to contracting a disease Bloody Flux, Intestinal anthrax.[citation needed] The funeral ceremony was arranged in Raigad in presence of his son Rajaram, and wife Soyarabai. After Shivaji Maharaj's death, his elder son Sambhaji and Soyarabai, fought for control of the kingdom. After a brief struggle Sambhaji was crowned king
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The person saying Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj was killed by afzal khan and the evidence of this tomb in the fort as a victory is all wrong, that person may don't know, who and what Shivaji is.
He died coz of his illness and let you know the fact, When Shivaji Raje killed Afzal Khan, before his last breath, he praised Shivaji for his intelligence, as Shivaji was very generous and kind king, he buried khan's death body near the fort where he died as it was not possible to take the huge body, with all the final rituals carried according to the Islams' his body was buried.
Go and first have a complete knowledge before writing utter nonsense.
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Shivaji never died he is still alive...don't you guys feel that by reading & seeing the stories of him.....JAI BHAVANI...JAI SHIVAJI
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I am sure Shivaji was killed by Mughals. He was sick for three weeks. Its all stories.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji was definitely
poisoned to  death by his ministers - Moropant Pingle, Annaji Datto,
Hiroji Farzand,Balaji Avji etc
.  King Shivaji was belongs to backward category that's why Brahmins of that time had never accepted him as a their King. 
They wanted to be proxy king in name of Rajaram by killing Shivaji
& arresting Sambhaji. For which they took all precautions to point finger
at  Soyarabai for his murder. Those ministers firstly told Sambhaji that Shivaji
died of 'Gudhagi' a disease never heard about before & after death of
Shivaji (It is said to occur due to horse riding!) Even today many people know
only this reason of death of Shivaji

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I pity both of you and your knowledge. Instead of commenting something rubbish like this and misguiding others, update your knowledge and type something sensible. Every book has his death mentioned as a natural cause or a poison. Grow up and read a bit folks.

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Shivaji died due to iliness he was in fever from many days . Those who say that shivaji killed by afzal khan they r wrong because shivaji killed afzal khan in meeting held by afzal khan .afzal kahan tries to kill by her usual method .(pehle gale lagata or daba kar marta) bt when he tries to do so shivaji kill her bi using knife .
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I think he died at 3/4/1680 at the raigad fort. He died due to fever and at that time his age was around 50.
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I know shivaji died in a river near of sindh khed raja near of jalna and buldana city river one sholder killed him and throw in body knows about his fuerel {kirya karam antim sanskar} there is no evdance in history.I m a history studendt I read evry book about him but there is no anser about his antim sanskar.
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Shivaji was killed by afzal khan.
He was not ill.
And afzal khan died in the fort of shivaji killing shivaji before he died and shivaji killed afzal khan from behind and den afzal came to his sense and reacted to it and inserted knife into shivaji head.
And they both died there and shivaji was thrown into river as afzal khan won the battle killing shivaji before he died and all the emperor of shivaji was too killed by afzal khan military hence afzal khan funeral is there still in fort of shivaji as a sign of victory
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Idiot go and check ur knowledge and dare you speak anything wrong about our King
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Raj patil is right ,oyy jamali you have not any knowledge ,how can you comment like this .go and do study properly .

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