How Did Anne Frank Die?


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Anne Frank was born on the 12th of June in the year 1929, she was a European Jewish Girl who was born in Germany and had become stateless since the year 1941. However it is said that Anne Frank claimed to be Dutch as she grew up in the Netherlands. The little girl known as Anne Frank became very famous after her death with the release of her diary which was titled as "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Little Girl".

Anne Frank contracted the disease of Scabies while in the concentration camp. However later she was moved to the Bergen Bel sen, around more than 8000 women were included in this transport. Anne was later re united with her sister 'Margot' in this camp and was concerned about her health as she couldn't even walk.

Later in the march of 1945 a typhus epidemic broke out in the camp which killed around 17,000 prisoners, Margot was one of the prisoners who passed away in this typhus wave…a few days later even Anne Frank Succumbed to the disease and passed away.
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Anne Frank is known in the world because of her diary. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1922 and her father Otto Frank was a respected businessman. In 1933 fearing persecution of the Jews, he left Germany for Holland and started his food products business there.
They settled in Amsterdam and there Anne went to the Montessori School. In September 1939 Germany declared was and it reached Holland in 1940. In 1942 when her elder sister was called for deportation they went into hiding in her father's top and back office. In the secret rooms life was difficult as they had another family with them. Due to hiding they were allowed to move at night only, they could not go out and lived in close quarters. During this time Anne wrote her diary.
They were discovered by the Gestapo in 1944 after living in their hiding place for two years. They were all sent to concentration camps in Auschwitz, Poland. On reaching there the men were separated from the women and that was the last time her father saw Anne. Anne and her sister Margot were moved to the Bergen-Belsen camp and her mother died at the Auschwitz camp.
The Belsen camp was ill organized and lacked food and water. Typhus was raging all around and children were starving. Anne died in late March 1945 due to typhus, a few days after her elder sister. She was not even sixteen.

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Anne died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp around the time of a Typhus epidemic in March of 1945 but it is not clear if she died from the disease or from starvation and general poor health.  Her sister died three days before her due to falling from a bunk and the toll the physical shock had on her emaciated starving body.  It may even be possible that Anne just lost the will to live after seeing her sister die, but although the Germans kept extensive records, none existed for all the deaths occurring at that particular time in history which was less than a month before the British liberated that camp.
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Anne Frank died in 1945 from Typhus but at first she got sick from Scabies.
If you read her book/diary, calle 'Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl', you will learn about her life in hiding and being caught and so forth. It is really interesting, her life.
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Though a previous comment said that Anne frank was gassed, it is important to know that she wasn't shed died of typhus disease a few days after her sister Margot, 2 weeks before the camp was liberated, after the war her father Otto frank the only survivor of the frank family published her diary.
It was also sad for me to learn that the Frank Family and The Vaan dans who they were in hiding with heard announced on the radio that Germany had lost the war- they thought they had made it- if only
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Anne Frank died at age 15 because she was born in 1929 and died at 1945 and she died from Typhus in concentration camp and not in world war 2 because my grandfather was in world war 1 and 2 and he said world war 2 was not in 1945
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She died because she got typhoid fever!!!! First she had scabies then I think she got the fever while in a coma but maybe not!!!! I no that she was definately in a coma but I'm not sure if she was still in it while she died!!!!
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Yes they do know who rated them out, it was a thief he broke in to the factory were they went into hiding and broke in one time and then again and he heard them up stairs and in stead of jail time he turned them in.
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I just saw the movie a few weeks ago, the b/w version. They all ended up in concentration camps. She died of disease running through camp. Her father was the only survivor of the group. Rent the movie, it was good.
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I have just gone through the previous comments. Even if, it does not require my comment, but I have to answer, you know! Most of the literature s say that She died of typhoid fever.
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Anne Frank did die wrongly but that was about 65 years a go. My respect to every one who are wrongly killed, and it is true she was killed. But what about today, every second people are getting killed and nothing worse than wrong killing, any way this little girl is luky that her name mentioned in history but for some other people have done a lot  but no one knows about them, the kurds 5000 people killed in one day by their own president by chemical weapons. And still the kurds of halabja suffer till now. However, people die they will take their deeds with them, I believe. 
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I believe that anne  frank died because of the disease it took a lot of courage for anne to write her diary when they were in prison its sad because she died at very young age but I believe that God has taken her at the right time .... Her diary was so nice to read its just like I don't want to put the book down and its very interesting it inspire a lot of people especially the teenagers and a lot of lesson to be learned... Well I hope it means a lot of these to you we still be respective and honorable to anne frank death.
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She died in a concentration camp all with poor jews waiting there STARVED
Even tho Anne disliked her mother they kept close by each others side SCARED and HUNGRY and then the GASSES came in
I'm not sure about which order they all died in but it was a very sad part in peoples life's
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It is speculated that a few days after her sister Margot, died from typhus, Anne also did. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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