How Long After Anne Frank Died Did The Camp Prisoners Be Set Free?


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Anne died less than a month before liberation. Her death is recorded in March 1945 and the camp was liberated on April 15th, 1952.
Anne died of Typhus which spread through their camp as a result of unsanitary conditions. A survivor of the camp said that about a hundred people out of the 500 in the camp were infected with this disease. Margot, Anne's sister also acquired this disease and died only a few days before Anne's death. At this time, they were both at the Bergen-Belsen camp.
Although the exact date of Anne's death is not known, it is commonly assumed that she died in early March. Had she only lived a month more, she would have left the camp a free citizen and a young woman. However, she did not even get to see her sixteenth birthday, dying only three months before it.
I find this really tragic. There is no poetic justice in her life as I wish there had been!

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