President obama has commuted more prison sentances than the last four presidents combined and he is not threw yet. So if u have a life sentance u may be out this christmas how do you feel about this??


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I love it! I sign petitions all the time on to ask Obama for clemency for the people who (I think) deserve it. He is my favorite president :)

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All "lame duck" presidents have done this but he has now surpassed the last nine presidents. The only ones being granted clemency are for non-violent drug crimes.

Obama Has Commuted More Sentences Than the Last 9 Presidents ...

President Obama Has Now Commuted the Sentences of 348 Individuals

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Love it.

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I love it. Another great side of this man. His recent choices was so super disappointing but finally something else to enjoy from him.

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Dear Otis,

Because I am not thoroughly informed, I cannot really answer your Q... Although through experience, I tend to trust the research done by Rooster and a few others on this site.

What I CAN say is that, at least with women prisoners in the State of Iowa, the prison system is very badly messed up. (To give credit to Iowa, there have been significant efforts to improve.)

* * *

I know that Obama is aware of the problems in the US justice sytem, he will do his best to help, and I hope (and I tend to trust him) that what he is doing is a good step.

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With all of the Illegal aliens he allowed to come into

the U.S. Along with 10,000 refuges just recently,

some say if its not the end of America if could be

the last generation.

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KB Baldwin
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I'm 71 in just a very few days (assuming I don't drop dead in the meantime, of course) and I have been hearing "It is the end of America" since I was old enough to pay attention. Illegal immigration is way down, Obama has deported more of them than the last president, and 10,000 refuges is a drop (a very tiny drop at that) in a country with population of over 325 million people.

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