What type of logical fallacy is this? President Obama appoints Mrs. Clinton to be Secretary of State and then President Obama and former President Clinton share a podium.Week later Obama popularity ratings soar.The Clintons sure are a powerful family


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This is a pshyc question. I think you should look up each definition on Wikipedia, cause the people on here can note facts and opinions, but none of them are answering the pshyc question. Asking for homework help on here is most likely going to get you a poor grade, unless you can decipher the instances to fit the answers to the real question...Describe the type of fallacy
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Yes Hilliarys family is a whole lot more powerful than Bills
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David is right. Polls conducted by TV or whomever make many more calls til they find an Obama or Clinton supporter and then ask poll questions but never count the other phone calls amde so they manipulate the numbers accordingly
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It is more a powerful media that manipulates numbers to make things look as they want them to be and not as they actually are.

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