Why is it all about Clinton vs. Trump? We all know these two are not the right people to be the president of the US? If I was a US citizen I would have voted for Bernie Sanders. Any opinions?


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I think everybody outside the US is scratching their heads and wondering why the two most powerful political forces in the country can't come up with better candidates. Hilary inspires no confidence and would have little chance of winning if her opponent wasn't a jac kass like Trump. He's the best friend she has.

So I share your confusion, Ally. What the heck is going on over there?

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Ally Gh
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Yeah really. But I personally think Sanders can be a much better candidate.
We had a joke back then in Iran when Ahmadinejad was elected. When someone asked where the hell did Ahmadinejad come from? The response was usually this: He came out of the surprise eggs!
I am not sure if you call them surprise eggs. I mean those chocolate eggs which had small toys inside.
Now I feel like Trump is also the same thing. He came out of the surprise egg!
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Good analogy. :)
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We are in the age of trash presidents dont be surprised if kim kardashian endorses one of these idiots and its big news

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Who is this "we all".  I'd proffer that many that have voted and many still to vote would disagree with you..........:..on both sides. 

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