I'm about to unravel a ton of questions, my first being who would you rather have as President if you had to vote for these two. Trump or Hillary, personally I'd rather have Trump as he doesn't seem to be hiding any secrets from us?


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I will most definitely choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

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Unravel or unveil? Unravel means to straighten out or set in order. Unveil means to reveal or show something hidden.

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Madam President Hillary Clinton, she never lies and her hair always looks marvelous 🙋

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Unfortunately, that looks like the choice we are going to end up having....can't say that any of the other candidates are any better in my book. If I had to choose between the two I'd have to go with Trump 😕.....can't stand to look at Hillary in those awful pantsuits! 🙈

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Trump doesn't need to bother to 'hide' anything .. It's all coming out because he has no control over it.  He's been proven to be an idiot on many levels over and over and over and over and .. Well, you get my point.

No argument about how his ways can work to his benefit ... His wealth is a testiment to that .. But, because he is compelled to 'do it his way' he has gambled and lost before .. Are Americans willing to take that same risk with someone so bent on 'doing it his own way'. Running a business is one thing .. Running a country is another.

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Trump is the president we all deserve! He's a reality TV star, who doesn't like reality TV? Just look at how popular the Kardashians are, even the people who dislike them talk about them all the time. The White House, the reality show? Enticing! He makes excellent and memorable one-liners too!

"Make America Great Again!"

That phrase definitely appeals to people who aren't actually doing anything to make America great. In fact they're miserable in modern society. Just look at the majority of Trump voters. Uneducated folks that hates Mexicans. People who somehow grew up in America with all its benefits yet their jobs are being stolen by unskilled immigrants? That's just sad on their part. You don't need to make something that's already great, "great again".

I had lunch at the Google cafeteria in Mountain View on Monday, politics came up. No one's voting Trump that's for sure. Lots of Bernie stickers though.

Voting for Trump affects me more than anybody, I have to travel overseas and be ridiculed for having Trump as a President. While Bubba is sitting on his couch in his trailer going "Hah!" That will show them liberals!

But I'm fine with that. Is he the one we need? No. Is he the one we deserve? Yes. Most Americans can't even figure out common core math. People who aren't doing well right now, won't get any better with Trump as President though.

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What ridicule? Every country I've been to for either business or pleasure loves Obama. The only people who have a gripe with Obama tend to be questionable concerning their life choices.
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I speak of countries. Yet you're speaking for an entire continent. That's a pretty bold statement. Not even remotely specific, like western Europe or eastern Europe. You know who tends to refers to European countries as Europe like they're all the same? Rural conservatives, trailer trash, or basically any of the groups who support Trump.
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The thing is they will not be our only two choices. There are plenty of other parties to look at, and if Hillary and Trump are the Dem. And Rep. Nominees, I and many other people will be looking at a thrid parties.

Republicans make up less than 30% of registered voters. The same is true for Democrats. The leaves over 40% of voter who are not following either party. Add to that, neither Hillary or Trump are actually running away with votes from their parties. Hillary is getting on average around 50% of the votes, and Donald Trump, 40% or less. And that is only of those who have voted so far which is far from 100%. That leaves a lot of the people within those parties that don't like them either. This could be the year a third party steps forward.

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