Obama said that UK would "go to the back of the queue" for trade deals if we left Europe. Trump said that as a reliable ally and partner, the UK would be "first in line" for any new trade agreements. Should I hope for a Trump win?


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My political motto this election cycle is if it's following Obama's agenda, vote the opposite. Which is another reason I support Mr. Trump.

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Tom  Jackson
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And it's the way you worded it, not the conclusion you came to.
Corey The Goofyhawk
Firstly, my friend, this answer was intended to show my disgust of President Obama not why I support my candidate. I've given my detailed reasons and what I think needs to happens with this country within other answers and comments I've left. That is why I said "another reason" I support Mr. Trump instead of saying "the only reason."
Secondly, with all due respect, I really don't care what you think of me so I don't feel the need to explain my reasons once again.
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I was trying to avoid offending you, and obviously I didn't succeed. But given your above comment, I fear my initial reaction may well have appropriately categorized you---I hope I was wrong.

We'll see.

But thanks for stating "you really don't care what I think of you," it's nice that I no longer have to concern myself about whether I offend since I can see why this might otherwise be a consideration when responding to you in the future.
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Hilary has said that she will continue Obama's trade policy.

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Ray  Dart
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With Hilary continuing Obama's trade policy? I think so. I suspect the the UK will probably do OK no matter what happens. The collapse in the pound sterling on international money markets means that British-made goods and British financial services (which is REALLY where we make our living in the world) are very competitive on the world's stage.
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He probably even believed it when he said it; after all, the UK has lots of WASPs as well as plenty of Celts and Gaels, who are much more to Mr Trump's liking than than anybody with a different skin colour.

Let's hope we don't find out. :)

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Ray in your part of the woods, on the other side of the pond, I am sure you have your share of politicians of all shades. The same holds true here. Promises and more promises. This election in the US has been one of paramount ignorance on all sides and around the "beltway". I cannot remember any presidential election that even comes close to this one for the lack of substance and regard for the true issues. Regardless of how it turns out it will not the circus will not end Tuesday night. I forsee judicial protests and courtroom drama for many months to come. Some have forseen a "tie". Heaven forbid. In that case the decision would go up through the courts ending at the US Supreme court which is down one. If there is a tie in the Supreme Court's decision the case is automatically reverted back down to the first court who heard it and their decision would stand. Months perhaps years would be pass. So in answer to your question I have no answer.

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