Why don't people care about the homeless and the poor?


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I think most people think that it was their fault to begin with.
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I have been homeless by choice (i worked sooo hard and dedicated sooo much to make my business successful). People would look at me and think "lazy bum."

  • Some
    homeless persons never had enough basic education; can't fill out a Job
    Application nor make a resume. Of course a child w/o basic education is
    the fault of the parents and their county school system.
  • I've learned the big majority of homeless persons are mentally ill.  Others are incompetent for basic working skills, Example: Have you ever had a co-worker who does not apply simple common sense?
  • I have no respected for the homeless who are clearly addicted to drugs, alcohol, resisting free treatment facilities.

time you see a homeless person, say "I don't have any money to give,
but what else can i do to help you?" It just might be a starving
entrepreneur who could apply great SEO and social networking techniques
to your lagging website!

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I certainly have, but last time this guy lied. It really disappointed me...

Here I go time traveling again! Im only a few years off.

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Some people actually care but are just too proud to 'stoop to such a low level' so as to help them. Pride and selfishness. But the ones that don't care...like Sapphire Regan said, they look down on them and think it's not their fault that the poor are homeless, and that the government should take care of them. And they think some people deserve a harsh life, after all they've been so careless, etc etc.
But I think that's terrible! We should get off our lazy bums and help all the people we can!!
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Some people dont care cuz they think they r smelly and gross and all that but u know what i do care bout them!

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