Is Life Easier Or Harder Than It Was 50 Years Ago?


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Fifty years ago man was living quite simple life, food was the power. Whereas in modern materialistic society man has increased his needs. Our lust is greater than our needs. We have hardly any time to enjoy life, now it's more like machine. So in think modern pressure has made life harder rather than easy. Fifty years ago in terms of business and education the goals were not materialistic, whereas in modern era we are just bust in mad race of money, what Russell said in advance proved truth later that what we fear is not that we will fail to get our breakfast next morning, but we will fail to outline our neighbor. although with rapid progress in field of science and technology life has become easier but innerly man has deprived his real values, although by acquiring money we have improved our life style, but we have become salves of wealth, and power, now this statement has proved true that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, the mad race of wealth and power has made life difficult
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Very good question, Nad.      50 years ago people had their own issues, nostalgia seems to rein when looking back in time and people forget the quality of their lives weren't as great as they are now.  Many diseases have been virtually eradicated (i.e. Polio, STD's, etc), communication across the world is freer and faster than ever, and we've opened up a world of knowledge at our fingertips that 50 years ago would have been virtually impossible for the average schema to acquire. (i.e. Moi = average schmo) We've become less innocent and naive, which people just don't accept at face value whatever info is being fed - especially via politicians.  I think, though, people have become more cynical, bored, less patient, more self-importance is placed on achieving goals immediately and having tantrums (i.e. Our societies have become so litigious!) when someone says "no".  I think 50 years ago people may have been less likely to think their one voice held so much importance.  But one has to wonder why societies kept evolving through the ages - always inventing the new wheel, per se.  Obviously the peeps weren't happy enough with their daily grind and kept finding ways to make life easier.  And as easy as we think we have it now, it will keep evolving into something 50 years from now people will be asking your exact question and someone will most likely be able to read your thought and beam it back without use of a computer.  50 years from now people will be lamenting that life was much better then than now.  (Isn't that the way it always is with each generation?)    BUT, I'm very happy to live now instead of then.  I'm enjoying my time on earth and hope to be here 50 yrs from now to wonder this same question. 
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I think it is much harder. 50 years ago I was still reading books, now everything is on the Internet. Not only do you need to be multi-lingual in the US but you have to be multi computer literate. It like having to learn a new language every couple of years. Things are moving too fast and the family, well its not beaver anymore. Families are not units anymore they are just like a gang same people same last name
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Life was harder in terms of terms of technology and conveniences, but life is harder today in the terms of expectations. We put so much pressure on ourselves and our kids that there is no time to be able to live simply. There is a commercial on TV by a major credit card company. Everything comes to a stop because a customer pays for a purchase in cash or by check. The cashier is annoyed, and so are the people in line behind the customer. All because the person didn't swipe a debit card to pay for his purchase. He has committed a serious infraction because he slowed things down. People are working 60, 70, or 80 hours a week. People are trying to do many things at once. Couples communicate with each other via e mail. They are on call 24/7. We have allowed ourselves to be dictated to by the technology of the day. Don't get me wrong, I think today's technology is great. I love gadgets and computers, but society has made life very difficult by permitting the advances in technology to take control of their lives.

Poverty and homelessness are rampant in the Unites States. Not to say they didn't exist 50 years ago, but it has become so much worse. Crime has escalated, and we live in fear for our lives. 50 years ago the divorce rate was but a fraction of what it is today. Kids saw their parents, both of them, and two incomes were not necessary to make ends meet. Life today is easier in terms of conveniences, but so much harder in terms of humanity and relationships.
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Well no you have to put In consideration that "50" years ago they had to worry about other things not necessarily just technology but they had to worry about other things. And crime and poverty isn't really growing , it's actually been the same. The only reason why it seems like it's increasing to the social media is because our population is growing and as out population grows, so does everything else.
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Thanks Oscar
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Life is easier now but that doesn't mean better. It is easier to put your kids in front of a video game then forget all about them.  I remember the days of getting friends together after school for a ball game or even climbing a tree to have fun. I also remember the days where if you wanted to get a new job all you had to do is look to the left or right and they were there. These days would be just wonderful if socity as a whole could just slow down and take a breath. I challange all to do this bake a cake get your family together and go meet new friends where you live, just walk up and knock on the door. You might be suprised how great a face to face meeting can be.
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Yes! If you like a life without ramped Drugs, Global Warming, Aids and very common teen pregnancy!

The air, water, and streets were clear, too!

Bigots were ramped, however I'm part Indian and they started in 1492, so I know how to handle them.

I have wished my son could have worked cattle back then.

And you didn't have to lock your doors, either!

Also you knew your who lived next door, they were you friends, too!
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I honestly think all those things were going on, but we just didn't have the same communication lines available as now. AIDS is a very old disease that they say started back in the late teens/early 20's out of Africa. Druggies were common - opium, heroin, pot, prescription drugs, alcohol, etc. Again, just because more people weren't as aware as now doesn't mean those things weren't happening back then.
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I think it is much easier for example, we have had more research on everything and created some fantastic stuff like; cellphones laptops and other inventions. Also people have been able to teach kids and give them a proper good education. But it has also become very difficult as war and conflict around the world has become more active. And gun fighting and murder has a big effect on the people of today.
So I think that 50 years ago was as difficult as today.

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