Donald Trump is running for President of the United States! Would you vote for Trump or Hillary?


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I'm moving.....

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I wouldn't vote for either. Hillary has proven that she is one of the most corrupt people in Washington. I don't know enough about Trump in order to make a stand. I did enjoy his opening, however. He didn't let the fear of offending someone get in the way of what he wanted to say. Personally, at this point in time, my vote is going to Dr. Ben Carson. Good luck, my friend!

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
Not letting the fear of offending get in the way of words and actions is not the quality one should want in a world leader whose job it is to keep the friends we've got, and find compromise, if possible, with those who aren't our friends. This is not the world of 20 or 30 years ago. We are no longer an island unto ourselves. And that is not the result of our government policies. That is the result of an ever more connected world.
Corey The Goofyhawk
Of course, you have a point. To be fair, I only heard bits and pieces of Trumps opening and I enjoyed those pieces I heard. Like I mentioned, I don't know enough about him to take a stand for or against him. I simply enjoyed what I heard in an entertainment aspect. More research and listening is required before I take my position.
Jahdai Jeremiah
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I think my top contenders are Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz
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I'd vote for Bo before I'd vote from Trump. (Always assuming President Obama would allow him to run, of course.)

And, for those of us who don't live in the Land of the Free, Bo is the Obama family dog.

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I'd vote for Ivanka Trump, she's a total babe.

I don't think anyone who spends a lot of time on TV would vote for Hilary. Heck, even on the internet. The cancer has been spreading here too ever since rural folks found the internet. The Teapublicans have done a good job branding her since the "Remember Benghazi!" days. To the point where she's now an eye sore to the public.

Remember Ron Paul? He was a great candidate. What did the Teapublicans do to him? Ignored him, cut him out, white out his name, skip reading his name off of polls when he's clearly ranked higher up etc. But this time the person is Hilary, who can't be ignored. So they result to "scandals" instead.

Makes me a bit disappointed and indifferent towards the whole political game of thrones.  Politics just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The best thing is to just, worry about yourself, be the best that you can be, and be ready for anything. Whoever becomes president shouldn't affect you much.

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
@DDX: I remember trying to console my son in 2000 when in his first year of voting George Bush won. I said, "Listen. He's just one man. We have a system of checks and balances in this country. How much damage can he do?" I rue those words. Presidents DO affect us personally.
ZombieE Lee
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Yes but at least we can take comfort in the fact that they can only serve a maximum of 8 years before being kicked out. That's what people don't seem to get. Everybody that's calling Obama a dictator seems to forget that he isn't going to stay in the White House forever.
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I would vote for almost any candidate of either party rather than vote for Trump.  At least all those other candidates are not insane.

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And who is the Libertarian candidate? 

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I'm leaning more towards Bernie Sanders. If forced to choose between Hillary and Trump I'd grudgingly pick Hillary but I'd prefer to pick Sanders.

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