So I'm curious about Donald Trump supporters, why exactly are you voting for Donald Trump?


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I don't support him, however …

Donald Trump is a classic populist politician.
He uses charisma and people's fears/anger to boost his popularity.

If you really look at other American elections … Donald Trump is just using the same tactics as every other politician, but is more successful with them.

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I'd vote for him because he's a business man not a politician. I have as yet not made my mind up however. My fear of him is his foreign politics that he may not fit in.

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Lard Ass
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I agree with the foreign policy statement, however, I think Trump Will surround himself with those who are good with foreign policy....after all, he didn't become so successful on his own, he surrounded himself with people who knew what they were doing and he managed them!
Lard Ass
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No different than any other politician!
Charles Davis
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Daniel chapter 7 says nothing about an anti-christ, it speaks of 4 beasts and what they represent. You have to have a BIG imagination to see an anti-christ in there, but that's nothing new when it comes to christian apologetics. The book of Daniel is so out of the scheme of things it's actually amazing it even made it into the Hebrew cannon. Chapter 7 starts off with a mistake right away "In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon", Belshazzar was never a king. There are many prophecies in Daniel that never came true, so any of the rest of his prophecies are moot according to Deut 18:22 Daniel is a false prophet. There are many other historical facts that he got wrong as well. The book is proven to have been written by more then one person and was written sometime in the 2nd century BCE not the 6th.
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It's too early in the process to say definitively who I'm voting for. I think people should keep this in mind regarding their own positions. Much has yet to be revealed, more ground yet to be covered.

Trump has hit smack dab on a nerve with the American electorate. The entrenched professional politicians are failing this country, have been for many years; they are pawns of special interests, they don't act, can't be trusted, are locked in inexorable partisanship. Our elected officials seem more focused on forming special panels to eviscerate each other than serving the real, immediate needs of the tax paying citizenry who elected them. The people in general are fed up and Trump has the chutzpah, and a unique position to make a loud case of it, I think we can agree he is doing so. It's fair to say there have been worse candidates who've won the WH.  I can't say at this point if he's the best candidate or not. 

A good question is, what has anyone heard from any of other candidates that makes them worth voting for?

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Walt O'Reagun
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I don't normally vote Democrats ... but I like what I've heard from Bernie Sanders, so far.
Call me Z
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Indeed. Bernie is saying some very compelling things. I'm watching his campaign with interest.
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Well for one thing he realizes that many people are too sensitive and he wants to get rid of the idea of being "politically incorrect". He realizes that our country is too much of a pushover nation.

Also he realizes that our immigration policies need to be updated.

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