What are your thoughts on Donald Trump?


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I think he is a bad choice for president, however he has definitely got the other candidates talking about issues they have been tiptoeing around for years.

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PJ Stein
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There is no way Trump is going to lead us to a one world government. The man is as divisive as they come. The only other person who is as divisive is Hillary Clinton.
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He is a really nice man. I also like his haircut and his attitude towards women. I also like the name Donald Chump. I also believe in the tooth fairy. Sorry, I wrote this with a blunt pencil. I'd sharpen it but they don't let us have anything sharp in here.

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If he's really so confident in himself ... He should lose the bad hair.

Seriously, dude ... You have billions of dollars, and can't afford a decent barber?!?

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I think he is really embarrassing.  He talks like a eight-year-old:  "I'm the best at the military"; "I'm really smart."; "I'm really rich!".  He also has a middle schoolers petty meanness.  The way he name called Megyn Kelly and retweeted other people's nasty post was so middle school bully.

I'm just disgusted that anyone would think he was suitable to be President.

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What I think of when I think of Donald Trump is, if the Republican Party doesn't figure out what his favorable numbers mean they will never figure it out!!!!

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Trump's an insanely rich businessman whose wallet is exceeded only by his ego. He struck a chord with the disgruntled electorate and is riding a current of political outrage among the common folk. I doubt he can win the WH,  but he's gotten people to think outside the box that politicians have kept the conversation in.  That, I credit him.

I suggest people are mistaken in questioning his intelligence, Trump didn't become so ridiculously successful in business by mere accident. If you doubt this point, go try to make a billion dollars. 

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I actually like him, however I think he would not really be a good President, I think he'd be more like Hulk Hogan was as Governor of Minnesota. But I think he's a lesson in losing political correctness. These days you have to be SOOOOOO... Careful as to how you word things, it going to offend someone somewhere. You can't say merry Christmas (the one that offends Christians is "merry xmas"), because "were not all Christians and we might offend a Muslim or Jew or a Hindu etc etc...

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