What's your view on Muslims and Donald Trump?


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Why ask about those two together?

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Donald Trump tweets after that mass shooting in Orlando
"I appreciate people telling me I was right about muslims"
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The two don't seem to care much for each other.

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Both seem to be very very alike in spiting hatred at people that disagree with their "Radical Extreme Views and Ideas".

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I have no problems with the Muslims I know and talk too. They've been all classified as terrorists by narrow minded people like Trump. There are bad people in all religions and all races. Just a fact of life. I guess it's mainly because all the terror acts lately have been by Muslims but that's still no reason to classify them all as bad. Trump ?? Some of his big mouth statements lately will cost him the election.

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My view on Muslims is the same as that of people of all other religions. Most are good people, but there are always a few who take things to the extreme and ruin it for all the others.

As for Trump...He is an idiot. I heard him say if there were armed people in the Orlando night club the death toll would not have been as high. I doubt that would be true. There was an armed, uniformed sheriff deputy in there returning fire. Many of the survivors said there were two gunmen, because they didn't realize the second gunman was the deputy. If someone was armed they could have killed the one person who was trying to help. Nightclubs are dark and loud with flashing lights. Add someone who has been drinking and you are not likely to have a good outcome. IMO the number one rule in gun ownership is alcohol and guns don't mix.

Trump thinks he has all the answers, He is actually clueless on many issues. 

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Not only that, but the shooter was armed with a semi-automatic rifle. Patrons would have been armed with handguns. Bruce Willis might be able to take out a guy firing on full automatic with only his Colt 1911, but probably not a lot of other folks.
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I'm voting for Donald Trump. He's the best candidate we have so far.

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Barb Cala
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Keep in mind ... all the people who support him ... The Donald would never even hire! He's trying to get the vote from people who want change .. which is good. But ... his kind of "change" is a lot of talk designed to look like the bad boy. Bad boys are a lot of drama and very little action.
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I respect your opinion although I do not agree
Barb Cala
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That is your right sir.
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Muslims are people like any other people, some people refer to Muslims like they are something different than normal humans. Islam is a religion and has cons and pros like any other religion (i'm not religious at all) even Christianity has flaws and talks about blood shedding and extreme actions. I have several Muslim friends, in and outside of net. And talked and had moments with many of them.from Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan ect . .good people, peaceful and good morals. Bad and good people are everywhere.

But America has enemies that's undeniable to me, some of those enemies comes from people with Islamic belief but that doesn't mean the whole Islam and it's believers are evils. There's some group of people who translate words out of their holy book, destroy the west go to heaven. Not everyone are like that. There are innocent and great human being out there in Islamic regions as well.

Donald Trump:

An ignorant, rude, wild, racism, sexism, narrow minded person empty of moral and manner which filled with hatred, anger with a dark heart which designed to bring tension and stress into people's life and spread more hatred and turn human race against each other.

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Matt Radiance
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Deston Elite
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Haha, you should try actually listening to Donald Trump's speeches one day. He won't sound sexist or racist at all. Then again, I'm sure you've got your head so far up the liberal media's butt, the guy could introduce some policies supporting women and you'd still find some way of thinking it's sexist.
Matt Radiance
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Everyone has their perspective based on their belief, believe and analyses. you're uneducated enough to not being able to understand not everyone get their memo based on what media feeding to society, don't bother, i listened to every word of that racism dude, everytime he opens his mouth, he has nothing to offer but rudeness. and your language proves who you supporting. btw let's make a deal, you get away from Trump's butt, i'll stay away from media's butt. (please do your best to not continue, because my time doesn't worth a discussion with you so i won't replay further, you don't have enough humor to discuss such a matter)
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Trumps great business mind and carefully planned tactics should put America in a good spot, as for the Muslims... Well I wont comment on them right now cuz I'm in the mood for building up, not tearing down. But some stuff in the Quran is questionable, like where it talks about chopping the heads  off of infidels.

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RIK RZ commented
Are you sure that's' from the Quran?
RIK RZ commented
I'm not sure that's from the quran
Pls confirm before taking it as a fact
There are enough misunderstanding in the world
dj dj
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Read Quran 8:12.

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