Finish the sentence: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders walk into a Trump*Mart?


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Ancient Hippy answered

................looking for a new polyester pantsuit and Rogain.

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Didge Doo answered

Hilary and Bernie walk into a TrumpMart, find the coffee shop, and sit down to discuss their election chances.
Donald, hearing that they're in the establishment, comes over to chat. "Everything OK, folks?"
Hilary sniffs. "You could show some professional courtesy, Mr Trump.  How about complimentary coffees for your rivals? You'll need friends once we win in November."
"Fat chance," quoth the Don. "This is America. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. I'll bet there's nowhere else in this great land where you could expect to get freebies."
"Back in Vermont," said Bernie," there's a bar when you can have your first three drinks for free and then they take you upstairs and you have sex for free."
The Trumpeter was astonished. "No way!" he said. "Has that really happened to you?"
"Well, no," said Bernie. "It hasn't happened to me personally. But it happens to my sister all the time."

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