Just out of curiosity....who are you voting for in the next election? (I'm split between Bernie Sanders and MAYBE John Kasich)


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I'll be voting for Chumlee again. I already have a t-shirt with his picture and "Chumlee for President" on it. I'm not going to waste money on another candidate.

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Oh my, it's way too soon to know yet.  I've been and will continue to pay close attention for months.  There are several people I'm very interested in.  I know 2 people I WONT be voting for.  That would be Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul.

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I'm voting for Ron Paul... Oh wait.

Heck, I'll just vote for Donald Trump because America deserves it. He's not the president we need, but he's definitely the president we all deserve. All the Republican Candidates gives me chronic diarrhea. If anyone actually thinks any of them is half decent, they need to get mentally checked.The GOP did good work in making Hilary an eyesore, regardless of whether or not their "scandals" hold any ground at all (they don't). So I applaud their efforts in manipulating the under average public. Bernie Sanders is a pretty cool fella, but good luck to him in having any advantage in this ball game. If Ron Paul couldn't do it, I don't think Bernie can either. Elizabeth Warren is not running.

I pretty much consider myself a Republican. But when I take a look at all the people who consider themselves Republican these days..... Dear lord. What happened? Did they all get hit by a truck, got in a coma, and woke up not okay in the head? The last real Republican President we had was Eisenhower. Theodore Roosevelt is rolling in his grave. 

Remember the shift of the Democratic Party during the KKK days? I think that's what's happening again. Republican has reverted into the rural hillbilly christian zealot party of stupid.

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Well I don't know yet, but I had to google the two names you are deciding between to find out who they are.

I suspect that bodes well for neither of those two.

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