If I voted for John McCain because he was white, isn't that a sign that I'm a bigot? But, if 94% of black voters voted for Obama in the 2008 election (the truth), what does that make them?


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If proven the votes were based on race? Bigot.
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Blacks are Dem voters by historical association and a considerable number of those who voted for Barack Obama live in impoverished areas under an almost-exclusive Democrat caucus.Promise them welfare, entitlements, reform and they're content to vote the campaigner into office.Which is reverse spin, as those that supported Obama the most were the ones who "lost out" the most and the quickest.
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Oh man, my friend, now you just had to bring the race thing into the picture and on here. The truth is what it is and may hurt some, but now you just reminded so many why they voted for him, but I bet many of that 94% are sorry now
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Joseph Michael Wasik
You are right about that. Many black voters are having second thoughts about their black aliegences to Obama and abandoning him.
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Well I didn\'t vote for either one I like 2 stay out of all drama. The world is so satanic now u dnt know who to trust . I choose to serve God not them and guess what u can\'t serve two Gods.
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There is NO DOUBT reverse racism that goes on but if we point it out, we become "racist"

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