;How do you decide to vote for? Examples.. I vote for who ever my spouse votes for! I vote for the party! I vote for the person cause he/she looks like a good person! Or any other reason.


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Dear Korvo,

I vote only when I have studied well. And when possible, I choose a really well-studied, well-informed friend for more information to help me decide.

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I don't vote. There is no point to it any ways. Just like in the court system, who ever has the most money gets the prize.

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No offense but when we vote, it should be because we've done our research on their history, their background, how they've done in the past, where they stand on certain issues, how they would represent OUR interests in office.

We shouldn't vote because they look good in a speedo, or their hair looks good or they're really cute. That's a terrible way to look at things. No offense. I'd prefer someone to NOT vote than to blow it off and vote for someone because they look good in a suit.

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I vote according to the person's history and their ideologies.

-How they observe the issues that current generation is struggling with.

-How they plan to worship and protect our constitution.

-How their local and foreign policies lies out.

-If they have certain plans about take caring of our veterans, educational programs, retirement rights, taxation and social balances.

-If they put science ahead of religion.

-If they are not racism and if they're not getting around our "legal" immigration routine which is a based to our strength.

-If they are very well firmed about our principles and birth history and culture.

and many more . . .

As Walter said, we're at an age where researching about these titles are so confusing. There's lots of games going on around media and social media.

I'm confused about my current vote. It's about choosing between bad and worst. To me the bad one been Clinton. Trump sounds too scary for our future. But in the other side, sometimes i say Trump's solid behavior can be a solution! He lies no mercy and sound too serious and that can be a boost to our national security. But yet his ideas are scary and it seem to destroy us! I'm so lost about my choice but always had Clinton back of my mind. The only choice we've got.

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KB Baldwin
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Actually, while a lot of people seem scared by the "evil" Clinton, I maintain that most of that image is the result of 25 years of the GOP attacking her with lies, exaggerators, etc. Essentially the "Big Lie". Goebbels would be proud of the GOP. OTOH she isn't my favorite candidate. She s far too far to the right of center, and far to cozy with the oligarchy. The other candidate is a worthy successor to P.T. Barnum.
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thanks for your input
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I vote for someone who shows interest in what's best for the majority .. And who doesn't just toss around a lot of empty promises in order to get votes.  But actually, I have very little faith in all politicians since their main goal is to get elected .. No matter how they have to do it.

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For a good year before the election I pay very close attention to what all the candidates say.  Just hearing them once or twice doesn't work.  After a while I see either consistencys or inconsistency, policies I can agree with or can not agree with.  For example, when I was paying attention to then Senator Barak Obama....I began to get an uneasy feeling.  Then there was the "Joe the plumber moment and I heard Mr Obama explain this belief in "redistribution of wealth " I pretty much knew I couldn't vote for him. 

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Performance and issues.

I'm more likely to vote liberal than conservative but am not locked into that. It depends on the performance of the party during the previous term/s of office and on the credibility of the candidate.

Churchill pointed out that democracy isn't perfect but it's the best system we have.

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Im voting for myself why?  We have two losers running for president who act like kids who cannot balance a budget. With marijuana legalized and taxed we our country will be back in black. Free health care for all us citizens. You see otis will solve problems as pres

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