What should America do to fix the problem of having over 3 million illegal voters voting in our last election?


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Define "illegal voters"

People voting who aren't registered.....stricter screening process

Illegal immigrants voting.....deport.

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Where did you come up with this figure?

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It came from our very own President Elect, and where he gets his information briefings. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-millions-illegal-aliens-voted-greg-phillips-three-million-tweet-infowars-alex-jones-a7443006.html
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It is a large load of BS.
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As I search the web for information I see nothing from established, reputable news sources. Most of the links are to sites which appear to support Trump.

Donald Trump -- either as businessman or politician -- has shown himself to be a liar. There's nothing unusual in that. ALL politicians tell lies. He just seems to have taken it further than most.

The link you quoted below Gator Blu's does not support Trump but declares his claim to be false. I'll copy their headline below:

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To start with, we need to reinstitute our voter ID laws. Did you know that North Carolina's governer race still hasn't been called? At the last minute after it looked like Governer McCrory was to be re-elected, they suddenly "discovered" 90,000 votes putting Roy Cooper shortly ahead. McCrory called for a recount. To start, they found 500 fraudulent votes that handwriting experts say were written by the same few people. McCrory put a legal team together to work through the other votes. I wonder how many more they'll find. This could have been avoided in part, if not completely, by voter ID laws.

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KB Baldwin
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I'm calling BS. First, unless the votes were write-in, I suspect that "handwriting experts" would find it difficult to identify a dot in a bubble as belonging to any particular individual.
Secondly, having worked in precincts, I think the ability to "slip in" 500 extra ballots is slim to none - unless NC is incredibly inept. Which, given my regional prejudice, I am willing to believe.
One of my biggest gripes thru this election cycle has been the apparent lack of ability of my fellow citizens to seriously question any improbable story coming out of the internet.

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