In the US deficit-reduction debate, by accepting the pressing need for deep cuts to State-run health pension schemes -- on which millions of Democrat voters depend -- has Mr.Obama shot his re-election chances to shreds?


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Yes he has as Obama plans to make sweeping changes to MediCare and the MediCaid insurance programs that will affect the most needy and vulnerable part of the electorate - the elderly and the poor.The reforms are supposedly to save $1 trillion over the next decade according to the WH, by ending traditional fee-for-service programs and the introduction of federal subsidies based on income and health status.But in reality it's just taking more money away from the middle classes to pay for more tax cuts for the wealthy.

Obama's popularity rating stands at a new low of 27%and this reflects the fact that America is waking up to his ineffectual administration and progressive Socialist policies.Hence the rise in popularity of the GOP and Tea Party,as the electorate looks certain to be voting for the right in next year's election.Obama's excuses and failings won't be tolerated any longer.
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It looks that way. Obama's approval rating hit an all time low this month. I believe the media says 82% disapprove of him. Me personally I wanted to give the man the benifit of doubt (he wasn't who I voted for), but he has not lived up to his big promise of "change".
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Yeah, it seems that way.
I had big hopes for him, but I may have been just carried away by his electioneering hype.
Instead of "Yes We Can", it's looking ever more like: "Hey,Sorry, Guys, NO we can't".

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