Should election polls be banned. Would more people come out to vote if they were not told over and over that someone will win hands down?


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Its fodder for the big-dollar talking heads to prattle about, and the political establishment encourages it, as it can be easily spun to their purposes.

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Tom Jackson answered

There were a number of people I knew who would have voted for Hillary; but since Trump was a "shoo-in" according to the polls they expressed their intent to vote for one of the minority candidates in the hope of getting them eligible for matching funds in the future.

It turned out that even if all such votes had been cast for Clinton instead of for independents, there would have been no change in who won our state.

Given the amount of "Not our president" demonstrations, I think it reasonable to assume that a least some number of voters stayed away because they thought the election of Clinton was a foregone conclusion.

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One need to have mind of their own and never influenced by the media. Media and their reverse psychology tricks should never work. We have been told what to do all along our lives and high time we started thinking for ourselves or else we would be run by nanny states.

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