Do you believe John McCain when he says that the GOP on the 'Super Committee' Will Fight Tax Hikes?


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Yes I do believe him, as he "talks a good game" and there's no real reason to disbelieve him.The GOP seem determined not to renege on the 2010 election mandate to cut spending.His views on pork barrel spending, military cuts and agricultural subsidies will impinge on the Gang of 12's fight on tax hikes.There will be an agreement on this agenda, but not the hikes the Dems will want as the GOP are opposed to significant increases.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
He's a Liberal Republican not to be trusted
Joseph Michael Wasik
All pork barrel spending is unconstitutional. The expenditure on agriculture should be eliminated. Most of that goes to the large agribusinesses
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Agreed & there's really too much at stake here for the Gang of 12 not to succeed.Another look down at the abyss is too much if they don't,I'm not a fan of McCain but he's going to look stupid if they fail.
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Fighting is easy, its getting them to fail is the hard part so like in Vietnam, he who talks the talk better be able to walk the walk too

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