Bernie Sanders For President, thoughts?


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No thanks, my friend. Ben Carson 2016!

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Walt O'Reagun
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#6 and #11 are at odds ... it's usually taxes and regulations that cause companies to transfer overseas.
Walt O'Reagun
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You can't write laws requiring a company to stay in your nation.
If taxes are too high and regulations too strict ... and it's cheaper to do business elsewhere ... they WILL move their manufacturing. If you write laws so they have to ALSO move their headquarters, they WILL do so.

There are NO tax loopholes. A "loophole" implies it wasn't purposefully put in place. Every single tax break companies get, was purposefully put in place.

What other nations do, is put tariffs on goods to the point that it's cheaper for companies to build there. The lower cost of manufacturing elsewhere is offset by the high tariff on the final good being imported to the "home" country.
Walt O'Reagun
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I disagree with the use of "loophole" ... as I've stated, those breaks are in the tax code because Congress purposefully put them there. Using the word "loophole" makes it sound like corporations are using tricks that Congress didn't intend - taking the burden of blame from where it belongs (Congress) and putting it on the law abiding (corporations).

Personally, if Bernie promised to focus on changing the tax code to a flat rate tax - with NO exemptions for ANYTHING (individual or corporate), I would go door-to-door for him.
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Although I wouldn't write off Hilary right away (unlike some candidates), I do believe Bernie will make an excellent president!

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If you want a socialist government then.............Yes

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Call me Z
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Cookie, keep in mind Socialism isn't fascism, and every version of it does not meet the failed communist model. Our social security and other programs that assist the poor (I agree that there are too many frivolous programs that waste money) are versions of socialism. There should be a careful balance of this concept in healthy democracy.
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There are worse candidates than Bernie, (Lincoln Chaffee and Jim Webb, for instance) his point about getting everyone to vote can't be repeated enough.

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