Who Are You Voting For In This Year's Elections?


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Even though, AGAIN, there is no real choice in candidates, I always vote my conscience for the lesser of the 2 evils.
Obama scares the heck out of me with all of his past statement, stances, and what he has written in his books.
His wife has a history of hating this country and, in my estimation, this works against Obama to a great degree.
On the other hand, John McCain seems to be no threat to the country, he is a war veteran that professes to love his country, is probably too old to run for a second term, and seems to be in tune with the mood of the general citizenry.
I guess that this whole issue will hinge on McCain's choice of a running mate.

In any case, it is the duty of every US citizen to exercise their right to select the nations leaders by VOTING.
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Think really hard about your decision. If you like how things are going so far in the economy. You have made your choice
Grandma Pugh
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You must get scared easily!!!!
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Oh how I love this blurtit!!!  As for me we are just getting over an 8 year evil so now lets see!!!  I have heard that neither canidates were born in the USA.  McCain in Panama and Obama in Hawaii true or not? Anyway I do not like  McCain who said we will stay in Iraq for 100 years if needed and the truth of the matter we needed NOT to be over there in the first place.  There are so many rumors about Obama but at least he is going to try to bring our hero's home from Iraq.  He has so many more good qualities against McCain so guess we will just wait and see how it goes. I have read on here were McCain has so many good qualities and I guess I just haven't heard any of them yet.  Pray and  Good Luck to the USA citizens at home and abroad.
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McCain i can't vote but if i could i would vote  4 McCain the lesser of the two evils obama is what i think we should try to avoid if he gets in office we will definitely be in trouble
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I am so disappointed, that I am not going to vote this year. There are claims that obama wasn't born in the u.s. And a man filed a suit about it to have it proven that he was really born in kenya, and then there is mccain, not a lot going on there, I am very upset about these elections, and there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel for me for what I see.
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the lesser of 2 evils- McCain.  and our governor is real bad so he is not running again- he'd be lynched if he did.  not sure who i am for there.
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Mccain because he's going to be a good leader(not great) but good. Obama can go back to africa cause he's not qualified.
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OMG is it that bad? The feelings I see from people,I will ask God to help you....What has changed here? I think people made that same comment back in slavery.
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where did the racial thing come into play? some of my best friends are black. has nothing to do with being racial. if he was of mexican, english, russian or protuguise decent and they weren't qualified i would say the same.since we're on the subject and you brought it up, is god black, white , mexican or canadien?
Grandma Pugh
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Why do you say Obama isn't qualified? How qualified is the 'beauty queen ' as I have heard her called. On CNN I heard that McCain had only had a brief glance or talk to her and when he called her on the phone so how do we know how qualified she is. I read where the tiny town that she was mayor in was debt free when she took office and when she left the mayor's job and went to be governor that tiny town was in debt to the tune of five million.
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Both these parties are corrupt  How can anyone vote for any of them? It just makes me sick thinking about how both parties are backed by special interests, PACs, and then everybody in their own party denies it even though it is plain as day...       


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