Some people including me think there's major voting fraud in the election do you?


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There is major voting fraud. Remember Acorn (or something like that)? They were caught buying crack and cheeseburgers for homeless people if they voted Obama. This time around 20-50k illegal aliens got to vote in each state without voter ID laws. Some states like California had over 100k illegal aliens that voted. To anyone who watches both sides it is obvious the left would not have won 2008 or 2012 without rigging and buying the vote. And if anyone would like to dispute this I will be more than happy because I have a list with sources of over 70 different occasions just in 2012 alone where either a republican vote wasn't counted (like military), the vote was illegally bought, or the vote was cast by someone already breaking the law by being in our country illegally. For every 1 illegal vote an honest vote is cancelled out and thats really not fair to the true US citizens.
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Voting fraud? How so?
From what I have been hearing Romney backed out because it was damn near impossible for him to win. All I've been hearing lately from republicans is: "How can they declare a winner when the absentee votes haven't been counted?" Well if your candidate dropped out of the election it doesn't really matter now does it? Blame your candidate for not hanging in there.. Not the system.
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You didn't answer the question.
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He didn't even drop out of the election either
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Fill me in then... I'm not big on politics just FYI.. Just going off what I saw on the morning news the morning after "voting day".

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